• Breast Lift

    Do you feel self-conscious with the way your breasts look? Would you like to restore your breasts youthful shape and firmness? Through various techniques, mastopexy or breast lift surgery as it is commonly called is a surgical procedure that can successfully raise, firm and re-shape sagging or large breasts whilst moving the nipple to a more attractive position.


  • Breast Reconstruction

    Have you recently had a mastectomy, received an injury or would like to correct a birth defect? Breast reconstruction can restore your breasts shape and enhance your feminine figure. The type of surgery which will best suit you will depend on your situation, personal preference and the recommendation of one of our expert Auckland cosmetic surgeons.

  • Breast Augmentation

    Would you like to improve the size or shape of your breasts? Breast augmentation (technically known as augmentation mammoplasty) can dramatically enhance your appearance, helping you look your best and boost your self-confidence. Breast implants will increase your bust, enhancing your body contour giving you a fuller shape. Every year thousands of Auckland women experience the countless benefits of breast augmentation.

  • Breast Reduction

    Do you suffer from neck, back and shoulder pain caused by large heavy breasts? Breast reduction or mammaplasty is a surgical procedure designed to relieve physical problems caused by large pendulous breasts. Following breast surgery reduction many of our patients experience complete relief as well as increasing their overall sense of self esteem.